tutorial per le patatine al forno

patatine al forno

I have a dirty little secret that I have been keeping from you guys. I am not proud of it. But… I have a love for french fries that cannot be tamed. There, it is finally out and in the open.

I know, I know – I eat so healthy, I carry on about how important it is to eat your greens, blah blah. I don’t care, we all have our vices and I love fries!! No one can ever take that away from me. Everything in moderation, right?

That said, having a gluten intolerance means that many times eating fries at a restaurant is out of the question, whether because the fries are coated in some sort of flour starch or because they are cooked in a shared frier. I am thankfully not insanely sensitive to cross contamination, I just cannot consume gluten – but I prefer to not eat foods that have been cooked in oil that also cooked battered or breaded foods. Most fries are. It sucks.

Besides that fact, we all know what makes the fries so darn tasty and addicted is the fact that they take a nice long, deep swim in a huge vat of oil. I am also not a fan of that, in fact – I still to this day have never deep fried a single thing at home. I don’t even know how.

How-to Make Perfect French Fries

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